Race car aerodynamics

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Diffusers | Engineering basics | Aerodynamics

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This is akin to every down on the idea. After more than a decade of competing against Chevrolet and Ford in NASCAR series, Toyota is introducing a new model. The Toyota Supra Race Car for the NASCAR Xfinity Series will start competing. In his comprehensive book “Race Car Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed“, Joseph Katz provides a table of common vehicles and their Cds and Frontal Areas.

Here is an excerpt from that table: Car Drag Coefficients (Excerpt from “Race Car Aerodynamics. "Ready To Race" includes 10 new cars from AUDI, Lotus, McLaren, Maserati and Toyota, providing the "most wanted" models ready to race! Our all new RTR DLC provides a great variety of models that mix technology, power, history and design from Italy, Germany, Great Britain and Japan, resulting in a package designed to Price: $ Auto racing (also known as car racing, motor racing, or automobile racing) is a motorsport involving the racing of automobiles for competition.

Almost as soon as automobiles had been invented, races of various sorts were organised, with the first recorded as early as Many of the earliest events were effectively reliability trials.

Race Car Aerodynamics - May 21st, Company LOGO Aerodynamic and performance •Drag •Drag reduction is not commonly the main target of top race car aerodynamic optimisation •Drag reduction is still an important factor for low power vehicles (F3, electric/solar cars).

RCR XJ Possibly the rarest Jaguar, the XJ13 was designed to win the hour race at Le Mans. Powered by a cylinder, dual overhead cam engine, mounted in the rear, with modern brakes and a heightened awareness of aerodynamics, it was well-prepared for an assault at LeSarthe.

Race car aerodynamics
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