Ob gyn business plan

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Call our office (Malvern or Lankenau ) during our business hours or use our convenient Patient Portal to request prescriptions refills 24 hours a day! During regular business hours, you can call your physician’s office ator message your OB/GYN anytime through our secure online communication portal MyKelseyOnline.

After office hours and on weekends, After-Hours Nurse Hotline connects you with registered nurses ready to answer your questions and address concerns.

OB/GYN Primary Care Having a close relationship with a primary care OB/GYN physician is a very important part of your healthcare plan. Our top-notch providers offer a full range of care throughout the spectrum of a woman’s life, from pediatric and adolescent gynecology to pregnancy care and menopause management.

A successful marketing campaign for an Ob-Gyn practice should start by understanding the market and the needs of potential clients. Marketing should go beyond mere advertising and public relations. Developing a marketing campaign for an OB-GYN must revolve around creating an impression of a trusted and comfortable office for the patient.

An advantage of this type of marketing campaign is that the target audience is very clearly defined -- women.

Ob gyn business plan
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