Interiorscape business plan

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It's a bold plan, and it does require some minimal investment in time and money to get it off the ground, but it could be just the thing to kick-start your business.

And word-of-mouth could generate many new, qualified leads among that first client's associates, customers and clients for you.

Our model is called “business to business” and our stable, monthly revenue is the result of ongoing contracts with clients that you can count on. As our industry matures, there is more and more room for fresh, strong competition in many market places.

Firm Partners with R&J Hall Environmental Services to create Dworsky Interiorscape, LLC. GARDENA, Calif. — In a move that launches an interiorscape division, Dworsky Partners, a firm that specializes in integrated acquisitions for companies in the building services industry, has formed a partnership with R&J Hall Environmental Services, an established interiorscape company.

Founded inPlantscape, Inc. services over business customers in the Pittsburgh are ranked among the largest interior plant companies in the United States.

We have built a reputation for innovative design—and along the way we have won more that 50 national awards including the National Landscape Award presented at the White House. Dec 01,  · Interior landscaping venture top winner of Rutgers Business Plan competition - Duration: Rutgers Business School - Newark & New Brunswick 2, views.

Indoor Plant Design, Interior Landscaping, Maintenance and Services

Understanding your environment is our first step in creating a beautiful interiorscape. We will meet with you and your design professional to create a plan that is suited to your needs.

We will select the appropriate plants that will thrive in your workplace, hotel, lobby, shopping center, home or office.

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When Choosing Business Interior Plants, Consider These Factors