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Romanian-born Ionela Cristea turned chocolate into an artful business

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we got our funding.” They got some from the non-profit Futurepreneur, a loan from the Bank of Canada, and kicked in the balance themselves. They opened in July Singapore's plan to join the Arctic Council as a permanent observer started in Our writer finds out why an island almost on the Equator wants to join this Arctic club.

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Category Archives: Red Island Her plan had been to study fashion design and costume, but her plans changed. They got some from the non-profit Futurepreneur, a loan from the Bank of Canada, and kicked in the balance themselves.

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They opened in July The Yellow House is not a halfway house on the way to a sandwich. Andy, along with his business partner Sarah Penn, launched Outstanding Branding 8 years ago in their native London, England. In addition to Erich’s time at Black Duck, he’s a prolific writer and presenter within the digitizing and embroidery fields having written for Printwear Magzine, Wearables Magazine and the well regarded MrXStitch.

Creative writer (Honours Degree English Language & Literature), English Language Teacher (TEFLdip), have taught entrepreneurship. Why Do You want to Join CWIF? To connect with other women in the food business and continue my “learning journey”, improve and grow my own business and also to support other women who are just starting out.

Paul Morgan is a professional business plan writer, business developer and the owner of Plan2Profit. Paul’s business ownership career started in the early s with the launch of a successful clothing store and restaurant. Throughout the decades to follow, Paul’s touch would be found woven into the DNA of businesses across North America.

Futurepreneur business plan writer
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